Saturday, 19 October 2013

Changing my mind: after the first month

So I've been doing this project for about a month and I think it's already changing the way I think, I'm becoming incredibly impatient with all forms of media for their lack of women's representation and their lack of women creators. and the casual, insidious misogyny and erasure of women's experiences, achievements, and lives. and the way they kill off women with impunity.

 I know at the beginning of this blog I said that I probably would read some books by men for this project, but I think I've changed my mind about that, I think I only want to read women because women's experiences are different from men's, even men who are silenced and sidelined by the mainstream

 I'm becoming actively more aware, rather than just intellectually aware, of the lack of women that get published in most genres. (and I haven't even yet found ten contemporary books about nature writing written by women even though there are so many written by men.)

Its been a really good month for  women writers Alice Munro won the Nobel Prize for Literature and  Eleanor Catton won the Booker Prize,   But that doesn't mean there's been an overall change in the culture of publishing, reviewing, or attitudes to literature in relation to women writers.(After all still male untalented hacks feel that they can opine on their craftswomensship, I've never read Munro but I have read Ellis and works of art they are not)

I'm becoming more aware, not only of the lack of women's voices but of which women's voices are generally allowed and which are ignored or silenced, so while I am only going to read women I am also going to try and focus on women who don't get heard as much.

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